adelynn | six, nine, twelve and eighteen months

Hello?  Is anyone still out there?  I know, I know…  Why would a single soul be here with over a year of no updates?  Well before 2013 officially ends I thought it might be nice to slowly but surely bring this blog up to date.  Although it may look like we have not been busy we most certainly have.  In addition to shooting our wonderful clients I started a blog called Pretty Plain Janes with my dear friend Shan.  It’s a mix of style, food, diys and anything else we have the urge to share.  We are having a blast and would be thrilled if you took a peek!  And speaking of Shan how about an update on her beautiful little girl’s images (who will be 3 next April – need to get on that 2 year shoot ASAP!).

Looking through these images is such a powerful reminder how fulfilling it is to document a child.  Amazing how much this gorgeous little girl has grown inside and out!  Josh, Shan and Adelynn are incredibly blessed to have each other and we are as well to know them!

As for updates my goal is once a week.  Fingers crossed I don’t fail before New Year’s (or Thanksgiving).


ryder newborn


When I was a child I can remember the summer months feeling like they were a week long as opposed to the long months during the school year.  It would seem like you were just feeling the excitement of the end of the school year when BAM, you had a back to school shopping list and you were in the store picking out folders and pens.  As an adult summer still moves too quickly but this one in particular has been the worse in awhile.  I had so many plans (getting my dining room painted), goals (blog more) and dreams (long lazy summer days playing outside with Jettie).  Of course I can come up with loads of excuses why things didn’t happy (too busy, too hot, too tired) but the latest break in the heat has re-energized me and I am ready to savor these last few weeks of official summer.  I know the kids are going back to school and it’s hard to recognize this time as year as still being “summer”, but I hope everyone takes in every last sip of these long days that we have left.

So here it is, a blog post finally this summer!  Meet Ryder.  Handsome, adorable, kissable, take home-a-ble!  Trisha and Nate have such a wonderful family and we were over the moon when their latest child arrived.  He could not be more precious and as always, this family and their home could not be more gorgeous to photograph.

jenna and zach, new orleans wedding part two

Jenna and Zach’s gorgeous ceremony was followed up by a reception dripping in brilliant floral arrangements and loaded with New Orleans touches.  They wanted their guests to experience the city and infused so many classic traditions into their day.  A favorite of ours, and I think many in attendance, was the second line parade.  Dancing through the streets of New Orleans with parasols and a brass band, not a bad way to end a wedding day, not at all.  Enjoy part 2!

A big thank to our friend and talent Regis Chen for capturing Jenna and Zach’s day with us.

jenna and zach, a new orleans wedding part one

Spring is here which means wedding season will officially be in full swing for us soon.  It is definitely time for blogging and some catch up from our wonderful weddings of 2011.  Jenna and Zach’s New Orleans destination wedding could not have been a more perfect combination of love and fun.  It was such a fabulous day in fact that we have to, for the first time ever, do a two part blog post.  There are just too many wonderful details and moments to share!  Enjoy part one of this wedding in “The Big Easy”.

jacob is two

Jacob is TWO and all boy!  I have never seen anyone look so cute in an engineer hat!  We had a blast shooting this little guy on a real life size choo choo!

happy valentine

Mickey and Minnie, a classic, fun and loving couple.  Seems like an appropriate 1st Valentine gift for Miss Jettie.

Happy Valentine’s Everyone!

Love, Sticky, Brandy J & Jettie

2012 senior kiya

Yes, we have been very BAD about posting and we apologize.  Good news is there is LOTS to catch up on!  Let’s get started with Kiya, a beautiful 2012 senior!  Kiya and her mother were such a joy to work with during this senior session!  This gorgeous young lady is such a great mix of girlie girl and sports girl.  She could not have been more fun to photograph!  Enjoy a few from Kiya’s senior session!
Cheers to your senior year Kiya!  Congrats!