adelynn at three months

Today our friend Adelynn turns 6 months old!  Why on earth this girl is growing so fast I will never know!  Being that her 6 month session will be shot later this week I thought it was time to share her 3 month session.  Miss Adelynn could not be more of a joy to be around.  Full of personality and smiles, this girl could brighten anyone’s day.  We are beyond thrilled to have her in our lives, Miss Jettie is one lucky little girl to have such a fun and beautiful BFF. :)

the leeth family

Summer came and went in a blink of the eye, it’s really good at that.  Looking at these images of the Leeth family brings me back to those late warm afternoons.  We have photographed this family for several years now.  What fun it has been to watch the kids grow and develop their own personalities.  And seriously, could these children be anymore gorgeous?!  Enjoy a few of this wonderful family:

2012 senior kayla

We began senior season this year with the beautiful Kayla from Delphos St Johns.  Kayla is a busy girl between her senior year of high school and working at a local donut shop.  We photographed the session in her hometown taking advantage of the old buildings and a local park.  The mosquitoes made an appearance at our last location, somehow Kayla managed to escape, per usual I fell victim.  Here are a few of Miss Kalya’s senior images to enjoy:
Congrats on your senior year Kayla!  Cheers and much success to you! :)

jettie at three months

Up on her arms and grabbing those delectable feet, that is what we will remember most about Jettie @ three months old.    Amazing how this little peanut could not even come close to lifting her head just a few months ago.  We also experienced our 1st “no smile” session with her (I have a feeling many of them will be the same, lol!).  In all honesty we would not have wanted it any other way.  Sticky and I were doing every silly thing in the book to get this girl to smile.  I love that you can see in her eyes the look of “Seriously, these are my parents?!  These people are nuts!’.  She is certainly the sunshine of our day smiles or no smiles.  We love our Jettie Jean!

three month sneak peek

Miss Jettie Jean had her 3 Month Session today and low and behold this little girl did not have one smile for us! Proving herself a photographer’s daughter already I guess. She did however recently find her feet and was proudly showing them off as you can see here. We are in love with this little pose and so happy to have this memory captured.

Hope everyone out there has a happy weekend! Safe wishes and warm thoughts to those on the East Coast preparing for Irene. ♥ Brandy J, Sticky and Jettie

jenna and zach’s new orleans rehearsal dinner

Some people are instantly likable.  As soon as they smile you know that they are the kind of person who will be easy and fun to work with.  We had never met Jenna & Zach, nor their parents which admittedly is always a little anxious moment.  But before we could say “hello” we were welcomed with the warmest of welcomes and felt part of the family instantly.  Sticky and I also have a lot in common with this bride and groom.  Neither one of them have ties to New Orleans, they visited and loved it so why not have their wedding there.  We had the same approach to our wedding 4 1/2 years ago.  What is so great about a destination wedding is the experience that everyone who attends gets to have.  For the most part each guest is on vacation and for some in a new part of the world they have never visited.  The cherry on top is that they get to attend a gorgeous and fun celebration!  And when it came to throwing a great party Jenna and Zach did not disappoint.  Jenna’s mother Ann did an amazing job putting together this extraordinary event.  She had some of the best in New Orleans to work with (those amazing vendors are listed below).  It was very evident that the bride and groom and their parents wanted everyone to have a wonderful time and they did not disappoint.

I have to break this wedding post up because the rehearsal dinner was fabulous in and of itself!  Our friend and super photographer Regis Chen came in from Southern California to photograph with us.  We were all blown away by this St Patty’s Day Rehearsal at the New Orleans Wax Museum.  Complete with a New Orleans specialty, the Pimm’s Cup.  The main room was transformed into a warm and intimate space with the color of the day dancing on the centerpieces.  Guests enjoyed a gourmet meal while listening to some wonderful speeches from Jenna and Zach as well as their closest family and friends.  It was a fantastic way to kick off the wedding!

Event Planner: Get Polished Events

Florals: Bella Blooms

Cake: Melissa’s Fine Pastries

Paper: Tupelo Honey Design

Rentals: Event Rentals

Stay tuned for the wedding post!

family + a baby bump

Johanna and her family have been good friends of ours for many years.  We have enjoyed photographing them since their oldest Jaxon was very small.  When we found out there was a little girl on the way we could not have been more thrilled!  Late last Fall we did a quick beach maternity session while visiting them in Florida.  The weather was perfect, the sun was just right and as always this family modeled brilliantly!  Seriously, look at how gorgeous Johanna is with that bump!!!  Their sweet baby Zayva made her appearance in December, she has had a 1 month and 4 month session since which we will be sure to share soon!